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If you are starting a business in Japan, we can be your first help!

Asahi Tax Corporation's

We are a Japanese tax accountant corporation that supports you
from incorporation to management with English-speaking staff.

Please leave everything to us

  • ・Foundation
    ・Opening a bank account

  • ・Settlement of accounts
    ・Bank borrowing

  • ・Subsidies
    ・Capital investment
    ・Cash management

Do you have any problems like these?

  • VISA application, registrations, other legal and administrative matters… where should I start?

  • Creating the necessary documents in Japanese is really hard!

  • How and where can I learn about Japanese tax duties, like consumption tax?

  • All my employees are Japanese, and all documents are written in Japanese. I can't read the receipts, invoices, or quotations… how can I understand my business conditions?

Our business support service can help you!


We take care of your legal matters to facilitate your business start-up

We submit necessary Japanese documents to be submitted to the tax office for you, so you can focus on starting up your business.

We provide orientations where you can learn Japanese bookkeeping and other basic accounting knowledge.

We can handle your office accounting after incorporation safety.

    We fully support your business
    from incorporation to management!

  • 1We support your incorporation

    We provide advice on opening a business office in Japan and establishing a Japanese branch or corporation. We also prepare application documents for starting business and handle them on your behalf.

  • 2We support your management

    Orientations are available for you to learn Japanese bookkeeping and gain a basic understanding of tax affairs in Japan. We support you through the processes of preparing your financial statements and tax filing. We can also provide English bookkeeping service.

  • 3Successful business in Japan

    A Japanese tax accountant corporation's support can bring your business's success in Japan closer to reality.

Select your business type
from incorporation to management!

The tax-related procedures required for sole proprietors are simpler than incorporating a business, but if you have a certain level of income incorporation may provide for more benefits regarding taxation.

  • Sole proprietor (Retailers, independent physicians, restaurant business owners, artists, etc.)

    You can start your business as a sole proprietor if you are a permanent resident, long-term resident, spouse of a Japanese national, holder of spousal visa granted to the spouse of a permanent resident, holder of family stay visa (with the limitation of up to 48 hours of work time per week), or holder of work visa (with requirements satisfied).

  • Establish a head office

    Establish a branch office

    Establish a subsidiary

    Limited liability partnership (LLP)

    If you are 18 years old or older (but not bankrupt), you can incorporate as a director. However, the representative director must have an address in Japan.

  • TEL (+81)566-93-5556


Asahi Tax Corporation has a nationwide network that responds to your needs anywhere in Japan.

Our administrative scriveners, judicial scriveners, and other expert practitioners with experience in Japan provide the support you need.